Park Tool AWS-1 Hex Wrench Set- Y-design (4mm, 5mm and 6mm)

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Park Tool AWS-1 3-Way Hex Wrench
noimage Park Tool AWS 1 Hex Wrench Set  Y design (4mm, 5mm and 6mm)
Manufacturer: Park Tool
Customer Rating: 0 12 stars Park Tool AWS 1 Hex Wrench Set  Y design (4mm, 5mm and 6mm)
List Price: $10.40
Sale Price: $8.94
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Product Description

Park Tool introduced the bicycle world to the 3-way hex wrench set over 30 years ago. Our 3-way wrenches fit perfectly in the palm of the hand and provide excellent leverage, making them a favorite of countless shop mechanics worldwide.

Product Details

  • 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm hex set
  • Wrenches made from industrial tool steel, through hardened and tempered for long life
  • Chamfered tips for a perfect fit

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