Dumonde Tech Bio Green Bicycle Chain Lube

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Dumonde Tech Bio Green Bicycle Chain Lube
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Manufacturer: Dumonde Tech
Customer Rating: 5 12 stars Dumonde Tech Bio Green Bicycle Chain Lube
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Product Description

While we don’t know about Gs one through nine, we can tell you that Dumonde Tech’s G-10 Lubricant is something special. It is 100% biodegradable. By this, Dumonde doesn’t mean that 51% of the lube is biodegradable, which often is enough for people to make a claim about their product. They mean 100%. That means the lube, the carrier, everything. There are no petroleum products in this lube. Only plant products. Bio-lube if you will. We can’t say whether or not using G-10 will save the world. We can tell you that it is a step in the right direction. Lube comes off chains, get onto roads, trails, and eventually, can make it into the water table. We don’t see any benefit to that. G-10 works like any other lube, albeit one with a nice citrus smell. Start with a clean chain. Dribble on the lube. Wipe off. Wipe again. Go. If it performs at all like other Dumonde lubes, it might even perform better after one or two bike washings. Because it is biodegradable, it might not last quite as long as Dumonde’s Original and Lite lubes, but we found those lubes to be pretty long lasting. The Dumonde Tech G-10 lubricant comes in a recyclable drip bottle. The lube is colored green. The bottle size is two ounces (2oz.).

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  • Recommended Use: Road biking, mountain biking

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