Abus Steel-O-Chain 880 Bicycle Lock (7mm x 3.58-Feet)

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Abus Steel-O-Chain 880 Heavy Duty Key Bike Chain Lock, 110cm
41GY9ATgWuL. SL160  Abus Steel O Chain 880 Bicycle Lock (7mm x 3.58 Feet)
Manufacturer: Abus
Customer Rating: 4 12 stars Abus Steel O Chain 880 Bicycle Lock (7mm x 3.58 Feet)
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Product Description

The 880 is Abus’s security solution for those who need medium level theft protection and an easy and flexible option. Made of a 7mm steel, the chain, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of hardened steel. Equipped with Abus automatic cylinder with drill-protection and a soft touch sleeve that prevents damaging to bike’s paintwork. Adorned with the Abus Seal for Ice Spray Testing, done in Volmarstein, Germany. Ergonomically-shaped 90 degree lock body. Two reversible keys are supplied with the lock. Length: 3.6 feet/110cm. Weight: 1900 grams.

Product Details

  • GERMAN ENGINEERED 7MM STEEL CHAIN- Abus uses only the highest grade, special temper hardened steel for its components and has been doing so since 1924. These decades of experience and commitment to quality have made Abus one of the premiere lock manufacturers, keeping people’s bikes safe across the globe.
  • FABRIC SLEEVE AND EASY TRANSPORT- The chain is wrapped in a soft touch fabric sleeve which prevents damage to your bikes paintwork. This makes it easy to unlock, wrap the 880 compactly around your seat post and be on your way. Or store it in your bike bag; don’t worry, the fabric sleeve will protect your bags other contents.
  • ABUS PREMIUM CYLINDER PROTECTION- The general idea of a bike theft is that someone came with bolt-cutters and after slicing and dicing through your bike lock, they took off on your ride. This isn’t the only form of attack though and this is why in conjunction with the absolute best torsion resistance, Abus offers you their Premium Cylinder technology that protects the entire locking keyed mechanism from picking.
  • LEVEL 8 SECURITY RATE – The 880 offers good protection at medium theft risks. For your convenience, Abus gives every lock of theirs a rating. This rating system allows you to determine the exactly what lock is right for you, that way you don’t end up under-protected, or riding around with Fort Knox in a calm and safe suburban setting.
  • WHY CHOOSE A CHAIN LOCK? – The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike. Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offer many ways of locking bikes to fixed objects while the hardened steel chain offers great resistance to torsions/cutting attacks.

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